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Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, you can’t get more central than that!
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Bring a toothbrush with you– we’ll provide the rest!

And if you forget that, too, you can even get a toothbrush from us here. Otherwise, you are welcome to arrive with little luggage, as our service is as VIP as you need it to be!

Check in on your mobile …

… and enter your room

Hungry and thirsty?


Check in on your mobile …

Check in on your mobile …

Payment and check-in

Payment and check-in are easiest with the HotelBird App – then you don’t have to stand in a queue, and can open your room using your Smartphone. However, if you want you are welcome to pay by credit card, EC card, with notes or coins. In fact, just about the only thing we don’t accept are deposit bottles and sea shells!


If you arrive by car, you can park around the corner in the Q-Parkhaus (multistorey car park (€24/day) or a bit further away, in the Alexa Shopping Center (€12/day).

Bike rental

Do you want to explore Berlin by bike? Good idea – for €12/day we will loan you a well-maintained set of wheels!

… and enter your room

… and enter your room


In addition to the free bedclothes, we are also happy to loan you towels, a hairdryer and cosmetics items.


Do you want to wash your dirty laundry? No problem – it costs €2.50 for washing and drying and another 50 cents for washing detergent.

Luggage and locker

You can store your things in your room, in the large box under your bed, for which you will need a 40 mm padlock – you can bring this with you or purchase one here. Prior to or after the check-in, you can also rent a locker – depending on the size, these cost €1.50 to €3 for 6 hours!

Hungry and thirsty?

Hungry and thirsty?


In the morning you will find a tasty breakfast that you can book in advance or spontaneously on-site.


From four o’clock in the afternoon onwards, our barkeepers will swing that shaker for you and your friends!


Our lounge and bar offers you snacks and beverages all day long on a self-service basis as well as Internet terminals, a book-crossing shelf and a soccer table.


We don’t smoke in here! But you can go into our cosy inner courtyard if you feel the need!



Late check-out

If you want to stay on until 1 o’clock p.m., we charge 5€ /person or 20 € /room for the late check-out.

Luggage room

If you just want somewhere to leave your stuff, you are welcome to stow it in a locker until the evening for a small fee.