The Hoff in Berlin

The Hoff in Berlin

The Hoff has returned to Berlin city, folks. He may be a marmite character to most, but he owns somewhat of a legendary status among Berliners and luckily the city will have him grace its streets on two separate occasions in May!

06/05: Knight Rider themed bicycle demo to save the East Side Gallery in Berlin

An icon of the reunification of Berlin and the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s only right that he should come for a bicycle demo to protect the Eastside Gallery. There will be a Knight Rider theme to honour the guest of honour, hire a bike at ONE80 reception to take part!

21/05: Hasselhoff selfies

He’ll also be around to take selfies with fans in Berlin city centre so if you’re missing that all-important unique twist to your visit in Berlin, you’ve got to check it out! He will be taking selfies with his Berlin fans from 6.30pm on Weds 21 May at the Ampelmann Flagship Store, Unter den Linden