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House Rules

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House Rules

Dear guest,

In order to make the your and everyone else’s stay as pleasant and secure as possible we kindly ask you to respect other guests’ needs and to read and respect our house rules. Violation of the house rules will lead to a ban from our property. In this case prepaid services will not be refunded.

In case of any queries regarding the following aspects please do not hesitate to contact our reception team. Our reception is staffed 24 hours.

1. Smoking and handling of other flammable items are strictly forbidden inside the property. Infringement of this rule results in a penalty charge (up to EUR 200.00 per room).

2. Please respect our fire prevention rules. In case of any damage or disturbance, please inform a member of our staff. Acquaint yourself with the closest emergency exits.

3. Follow the use and safety instructions displayed inside the elevator. Do not use the elevator in case of fire.

4. Cigarette smoke and other negligent handling of fire or smoke triggering the automatic fire alarm system (e. g. smoke detectors on the ceiling) or abusive use of the manual fire alarm will result in follow-up costs of the automatic fire service and other charges that the perpetrator will have to pay in full. Should the fire department respond to the activation of a fire detector, the perpetrator will also have to cover those additional, fees (approx. 3000.00 EUR per alarm).

5. Noise of any kind is to be avoided. To preserve everyone’s interest the right of night rest is to be respected between 10:00 pm and 07:00 am. Should this not be respected measures will be taken against the respective person.

6. It is forbidden to slide down the handlebars in the corridors, to play ball in the courtyard and to throw anything out of the windows.

7. Visitors may stay in the common areas. However, overnight stays of unregistered guests are strictly prohibited by law.

8. It is your own responsibility to look after your valuables. The hostel is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available in the luggage room in the basement and padlocks can be purchased at reception.

9. We do not allow any pets or other kinds of animals on the premises.

10. It is not allowed to bring alcohol or other kind of drugs into the hostel. The hostel staff and security may confiscate alcohol and remove it from the room. Illegal drugs will be reported immediately to the police. In case of infringement fees will be charged (up to EUR 200.00 per room). Any damage will be charged to the responsible person.

11.Weapons of any kind must not be brought into the hostel.

12. Pursuing own interests of economic purposes within our hostel is not permitted.

13. It is not allowed to turn up radios or any other kind of stereo systems to full volume. These items will be confiscated by the hostel staff and returned on departure.

14. Doors and windows are to be shut, heating and electricity should be switched off when leaving the room.

15. On the day of departure the bed linen has to be removed and left in the room or the laundry containers next to the elevators on the ground floor. The rooms must be cleared by 10:00 am and the key card needs to be returned to reception.

16. Severe and repeated harassment of other guests may result in the immediate termination of the accommodation contract, damage claims and a permanent ban.

17. Sexual harassment, coercion, racist statements and racist acts will cause regulatory measures. In addition to that the case will be reported to the police.

18. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the public areas of each location may be monitored by video cameras for your own safety.

19. Speaking of safety: Please make note of the escape routes in case of fire and the location of the fire extinguisher. To prevent fires it is not allowed to prepare warm meals and drinks in the rooms.

The ONE80° Hostel team appreciates your consideration.

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