Data Protection Policy

Privacy policy

ONE80º Hostels takes protection of your data and your privacy very seriously. Personal data that we collect from you is required for us to be able to provide you with professional service. The following points indicate our pledge vis-à-vis our hotel guests and visitors to our website:

  1. Personal data including names or email addresses shall only be maintained and processed within the scope of and for the purposes of booking, and, if desired, for distribution of information. This data shall be treated strictly confidentially.
  2. We shall only collect personal information provided this is required for the purposes explicitly indicated by you, and we shall not use it without your approval for other purposes.
  3. We store your personal information. If you desire the complete deletion of your profile, then please contact ONE80º Hostels.
  4. Upon request, we shall inform you which personal information is stored in our databases.
  5. We shall not transmit your personal information to third parties without your approval.

ONE80º Hostels reserves the right to change this data protection policy at any time in any way it sees fit.