Bibimbap at Madang

Bibimbap at Madang

Madang is a charming, family-run restaurant with a refreshingly relaxed and intimate vibe nestles in the heart of Kreuzberg. The cuisine focuses on Korean dishes exclusively that come grilled, crispy, accompanied by beautiful, fragrant rice and always delicious..

The bibimbap was perfect: I mixed it with the spicy sauce provided on my tray, and mixed it all over inside the hot stone. The rice was well-done, and the vegetables and meat were fresh. The delicate seaweed soup that came with it also had a very exquisite flavor that I would want to order it for that soup alone.

The restaurant is small so make a reservation if you are a group bigger than two people.

Address: Gneisenaustraße 8, 10961 Berlin

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12pm-4pm + 5.30pm-10.20pm, Saturday 2pm-11pm